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payment solution by Isis, a mobile wallet joint venture in the US between Verizon Wireless, AT T and T-Mobile on the carrier side, and financial companies including American Express

JPMorgan. "This could be Apple's loss.". Apple is one of the 10 biggest holders of credit card details online, alongside PayPal, Microsoft's Xbox service, Sony's PlayStation Network, and Amazon. But that alone will not persuade consumers to stop using credit cards in stores because plastic is already so convenient, experts say. So that opens up new possibilities for abuse and naivety says Charlie Miller, principal research consultant with Accuvant. NFC is going to progress at a pace without Apple, said Miles Quitmann, managing director of Proxama, in a statement. NFC proponents had hoped, apple would endorse the technology, which passes encrypted data between devices at close range without contact. So for the developer, there's a clear value proposition once Apple includes it as a feature.". Instead of adding NFC to the iPhone, Apple decided to promote its Passbook mobile payment software, which runs on the new iPhones iOS 6 mobile operating system. "It is a new technology and one that is unfamiliar to users. User profile for user: raldaw, question: Q: Is there a NFC setting with my iPhone 5? Explaining why the iPhone 5 does not include NFC, Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller told AllThingsD that Passbook does the kinds of things customers need today. But even though NFC technology is backed by the largest US carriers and credit card companies, it has failed to take off in the US because merchants have been reluctant to spend money to upgrade their checkout terminals until NFC is more widely adopted. Other digital wallets have already been developed by companies including eBay's PayPal and Visa with the latter pushing their use at the Olympic and Paralympic games in London this summer. It is just a matter of time before the smartphone replaces the plastic card, and by skipping this technology, Apple may have missed a valuable opportunity to take the lead in this market. This article was updated: Apple has 430m credit card details, not 43m; Benedict Evans says that his estimate of how many iPhones would have NFC within a year is 100m, not 35m; he did not suggest that 200 Android models have NFC. "They won't do something until they know a lot of their customers will use the service he says. This doesnt mean Apple is not interested in NFC. Tudor Aw, kpmg's European head of technology, commented that "the lack of an NFC chip to enable mobile payments is perhaps the biggest surprise and disappointment The umbauset interesting question is whether this omission will mean further delay in mobile payments taking nfc off or. "NFC has been around forever and gone nowhere.".

Quot; except Passbook does not let users link their credit and debit cards yet. New Nokia Lumias," umbauset he says" and wireless networking for. S launch left some thinking it will sit in the doldrums until the next iPhone revision. The key issue for a developer is nfc that you have literally no idea how many of these have been sold. NFC is going to progress at a pace without Apple said Miles Quitmann. A mobile payment system that was launched a year ago.

Charger Kit Pad with, nFC, receiver Antenna for iPhone 6 / 6S / 5 / 5S /5C.Wired Earbuds, In-Ear Earphones 3-pack with Microphone,.5mm Stereo Jack Headphones with Enhanced Bass Stereo Noise Cancelling Volume Control Flat Cord for Apple iPhone, Android, Samsung and More.NFC payments are still seen as being 5 to 10 years away.

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It means nobody has any confidence in that feature. Passbook relies on transmitting payment data via bar codes on the iPhone 5s 4in. Thats not nearly enough to merit Apples attention. His email address, clearly LTE was the first priority and more iphone important than NFC right now said Jack Gold. Other analysts said Apple made the right choice not to include NFC in the iPhone.

Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Gartner, added that consumers are not jumping up and down to get NFC right now.The problem with something like NFC, though, is that to be worth having, it has to be consistent.Driving the market, some might find the idea that Apple can drive or hold back a smartphone technology, when it only comprises about 20 of worldwide sales, ludicrous.