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ios 10 auf iphone 6s

longest iOS release notes I can remember, Apples official statement is: iOS 12 brings performance improvements and exciting new features to iPhone and iPad. Deep Learning - Built-in

services that use deep learning, like Photos object recognition and QuickType proactive suggestions are on-device only intelligence. IOS 10 is the tenth generation of what Apple calls the most advanced operating system in the world. The familiarity comes from the way it's all set out - Apple's not changed anything in the way you use the phone, meaning you've still got the same rows of apps on the home screens and the Settings menu is still the place to get. User notifications - Developers can customize the appearance of notifications that appear on devices. If only CarPlay wasnt proving so buggy in this initial release (see above). Notes collaborations - You can work live with others in the same note. They can be integrated into your Lock screen, Phone recents, and Phone favorites. Proactive suggestions Apple is making it easier for developers to help you use their apps more conveniently, like with access to the QuickType keyboard feature, location suggestions for Maps and CarPlay, and content suggestions between apps. You can choose to back up data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via iCloud or via iTunes on a PC or Mac. Its inevitable after such a large update, but I hope this will be more about tweaks than addressing any seismic showstoppers which have yet to reveal themselves. When you tap a word, it will automagically transform into an emoji. You can send a sticker as a response, or you can even "peel" one off and stick it on a previously sent response by dragging and dropping the illustration where you want it.

What about older iPhones, if you have any questions, you can immediately paste it into something on your iPad or Mac thanks to a Continuity update. It also supports automated geofencing so you can trigger connected gadgets as you pull up to your house. SiriKit Siri is now open to developers to make services available inside the Messages app. But hey, universal ios 10 auf iphone 6s Clipboard When you copy anything on your iPhone. In short, new For You features in the For You section of Apple Music. Sometimes those are the best bits. You can obscure a photo that has to be physically revealed by the recipient. The focus for iOS 12 is primary on performance and stability rather than features. Adding widgets from the 3D Touch Peek to the Today View adds realtime updates for apps. Facial recognition Photos on the iPhone and iPad support the same facial recognition technology available in Photos on the Mac.

For information on the security content of, apple software updates, please visit.IOS.2.1 includes bug fixes and improves the security of your.

Ios 10 auf iphone 6s

While Memoji lets you create a bespoke avatar of yourself. While thatapos, s just called iOS 10, ive seen a lot worse from previous generational iOS upgrades. Memories are automatically clustered into slideshow style memory movies. Live Photos Your Live Photos now have Digital video image stability and full editing. The bolder interface makes it easier for readers to find content they want to read. Lock Screen, and 3D Touch If your iPhone has 3D Touch capabilities. Siriapos, and itapos, you can take advantage of some great new features on the mit Home screen and in Notification Center.

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Digital touch - Messages now has the same sketching features as Apple Watch.More proactive - When you slide up from the bottom, you'll automatically see suggestions.