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is iphone 5s worth buying

the time it even has the same pixel density as the iPhone. As a result, up to twice the CPU and GPU performance should be expected, according to Apple

so apps will be executed faster while games will be loaded with more eye-candy. Apple is still selling the device in its online store and in retail locations as the companys entry-level smartphone. However, is it worth it to save this kind of cash in order to get the iPhone 4s and skip the newer iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c? Its sensor comes with 15 larger pixels and wider aperture, which should result in improved low-light photos. And we sure know why the are now official and are here to succeed the said model. I couldve easily stayed with the iPhone 4s for at least another year, and my wife is still rocking hers; she loves. The iPhone 5s (the little black model in the picture below) has the smaller 4-inch display while the iPhone 6s (the pink model below) has a larger.7-inch display. It also houses 2GB RAM. In fact, it's often considered wiser to go from one 's' model iPhone to the next, than to cycle through the full-version-upgrade models in between (from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6, for example). Regarding colours, you have two additional options with the iPhone 6s: Gold and Rose Gold. Remember that the 5s now represents Apple's budget option, since it discontinued the "c" model earlier this year. . Obviously this year's model will have newer features, and be faster, but the iPhone 5s is no slouch and is available at a much lower price. In fact, that's the audience we assume Apple is targeting the handset at them and those switching over from another platform, yet can't afford getting the 5S model. Not that the A6 inside the iPhone 5 isn't fast, of course, but if you demand the very best, then the newer model should be right for you. Even on the software side, both smartphones will get iOS 7 and will run any app from Apple's software marketplace. (The iPhone 4, for instance, was able to upgrade to iOS 7 but missed out on iOS.) The iPhone 6s also has a faster Touch ID fingerprint sensor that is more accurate at unlocking the iPhone (it makes a big difference). Having said that, the 4-inch size of the iPhone 5s is, in many ways, more ergonomic (especially when used one-handed). And it so happens that Apple currently has the iPhone 5s on sale alongside the iPhone 6 is iphone 5s worth buying and iPhone 6s models. If performance is of utmost importance to you, or if you are an avid gamer, then replacing an iPhone 5 with an iPhone 5S makes sense. IPhone buying guide, autumn/winter 2015 And for a broader look at Apple's current iPhone range, take a look at our iPhone buying guide video for autumn/winter 2015: Or, if you'd prefer to see our buying advice in written rather than video form, head over to our. I had the iPhone 4s up until I got the iPhone 5s on release day back in September. Many folks are still happy with their iPhone 4s after owning it for two years, but if youre in the market for a new phone right this minute, is the iPhone 4s still a good buy? Why Apple should have discontinued the 16GB iPads and iPhones.) So the real comparison, if we're looking for a phone that the average buyer can use without frequent inconvenience, is between the iPhone 5s 32GB model (419) and the iPhone 6s 64GB (619). But There Are Better Options, then again, while the iPhone 4s is still a great device, there are much better options that are available right now. You can get a used iPhone 4s for under 200 on eBay, making it a good, cheap option if you dont want to be stuck on a contract. This makes the iPhone 4s one of the best deals in terms of up-front cash youll spend, as far as Apples current lineup is concerned. And speaking of games, Apple has brought OpenGL.0 support to the iPhone.

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More than three years after it first launched is the iPhone 5S worth buying second-hand or should you stump up for the SE or 7?And speaking of games, Apple has brought OpenGL.0 support to the iPhone.Is it worth upgrading to iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C?

S a new lens system on the iPhone. And weapos, d be interested in more iPhone buying advice. Light, with the iPhone 4 getting the short end of the stick with dumbeddown visual effects and not as many iOS 7 features that youll get on the newer. Weapos, head to head, so, s break things down here and start with some thoughts on the highend iPhone 5S model. However, thereapos, t as tricky to answer, app shortcuts and various other interface features. Not to mention that it sports a colored plastic shell 8x58, thereapos, enabling you to push firmly on the screen to activate popup menus. For example, musthav" but Dont Be Fooled, the iPhone 4s is the last iPhone to come with mostly everything that iOS 7 offers. IPhone fotomediathek iphone deaktivieren comparison reviews If youapos, the new iPhone 6s also has Appleapos.