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Gear4 Mayfair case. Neo Hybrid Series, the Neo Hybrid is a fan-favorite due to its classy look. The case comes in Gunmetal, Burgundy, Satin Silver, Shiny Black, Champagne

Gold, and Pale Dogwood. Let's take a look at the most popular choices! Spigens Liquid Crystal 2 case is available for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. See more info and pricing for Gear4 Picadilly case. Just like we have in the past with smartphones like the. The new Neo Hybrid cases have also had a design change with a new herringbone pattern, and the Rugged Armor retains its popular signature design from past versions that features a timeless fingerprint-resistant matte black surface with carbon fiber details. Other versions of the case, however, feature coloured edges (I prefer these ones). Over the original Ultra Hybrid, the new version features a PC back thats designed to avoid unwanted indents that sometimes occur with cases of this kind. The Slim Armor case is designed for ultimate protection while maintaining its minimalistic look and feel. Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus. Published: December 21, 2018 Caption: Photo: David Carnoy/cnet Gear4 Picadilly case The Picadilly is Gear4's translucent case and also features a lining of the company's special 3DO shock-absorbing material. It looks fashionable, doesn't add too much bulk to the, improves grip, and is lightweight. I personally like the Plasma, which features a translucent design in a few color options, and the Metropolis, which is a folio case with a slot for storing credit cards and cash (the Trooper also has a card holder). TPU case wrapped in polycarbonate outer midsection for extra protection. Still, you get grip and a bit of lip to protect the display from everyday scuffs. I like the Grip case (pictured which comes in several colors and textures, and the more expensive Wallet Agenda folio case. Not only does it protect your phone from the usual tumbles, but its also one of the few cases thats truly waterproof. Overall, the cases flexible body and rigid, shock-resistant bumper frame walk the delicate balance of protection and style in a way that many case manufacturers are often aiming for. See more pricing and info on Tech21 cases. But as someone who once lost a phone to a rogue wave on an Icelandic beach, I find myself thinking more and more that I should keep my phone in one of these, even though Im not really a fan of the plasticky look. Neo Hybrid Herringbone, a variation of the standard Neo Hybrid case, the Herringbone version offers a few unique design choices, as well as the Herringbone print, as you may have guessed already. Below are a selection of some of Spigens top iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cases: Tough Armor 2, while the Tough Armor 2 case is a little too bulky for my taste, I can see why some people would opt for Spigens more heavy-duty. The companys new Rugged Crystal case brings the protection of its popular Rugged Armor case but made with a completely clear TPU material. See more info and pricing for Griffin iPhone 8 cases. See more info and pricing for Moshi Vesta. The case comes in Crystal Clear, Matte Black, and Shine Blossom Nature.

See more info and pricing for whatsapp nachrichten im sperrbildschirm beantworten iphone BodyGuardz Ace Pro. Spigens Ultra Hybrid 2 case comes in a few different variations. Even so, photo, is for those who need a bit extra.

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The Ultra Hybrid conrad iphone refurbished offers a polycarbonate bumper with a TPU back that keeps the phoneapos. This one is a good option. See more info and pricing for Incipio Octane. December 21, while Ive only used the case for a few hours.

You can find Spigens entire iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus collection at this link.See more pricing and info for OtterBox Symmetry Series (iPhone 8 Plus) Published: December 21, 2018 Caption: Photo: OtterBox Sena Wallet Book Sena makes some fairly pricey, luxurious looking leather cases for iPhones, and it brought several of its case lines to the iPhone.