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iOS.1.2 update, it just doesn't like my ac wifi network. IPhone tun0 -USB- tun1 PC eth0 - Internet. If you need further clarification on a network bridge or ICS

I could discuss it later but I don't think either will deliver the result that you're looking for. You would need the lightning-to-USB cable (which you have the power adapter for your phone (which you have a USB-to-ethernet adapter, and iphone update abbrechen the Lightning-to-USB 3 Camera Adapter or a compatible powered USB hub. There is no router by hand and what I have is only the iPhone and USB cable. Connect iPhone to Windows PC The latest version of iTunes needs to be installed, because that will install the drivers required for Windows to see the iPhone as a modem and use it to bridge a connection to the internet. Can I share my iMac s internet to iPhone or iPad over USB? You re not the first to ask this question. Searching with Google shows that it s been discussed here and here. Unfortunately, iOS 9 and earlier do not support what you re describing. Go to System Preferences- Sharing- Internet sharing. Choose where are you willing share the internet from (ie. Ethernet) and in To computer using find and check iPhone, uSB. Once all set, check the tick for. Internet sharing to turn. Da ich ein Breitband-Modem zur Internet-Verbindung für meinen PC verwende, werde ich mit dem Handy kein wlan Empfang bekommen. Ich habe nun ein HTC, bei dem es die Auswahl-Möglichkeit Internet Durchgang gibt. Hi, geht das was ich meine: Ich schließe mein Huawei u8650 sonic per usb kabel an video converter free mac os den pc an dann stecke ich das lan kabel rein deaktievere die sim und gehe dann per computer lan ins internet. Touch the Settings button on the iPhone s home screen, the General tab and the Network tab in the General window. Touch the switch on the. Internet, tethering tab to enable the feature. Insert the USB end of the iPhone cable into the computer s USB slot located on the back or side of your computer. As I stated above, my iPhone X running.2 is still connected to wifi. The wife s iPhone 8 running.2 dropped the wifi connection over night. When I look under the wifi name in the OS the IP address is populated, the subnet mask is populated but the router field is blank.

S a clear understanding of how this technology works 1, step 4, update on my situation, itapos. Originally Posted by, i have this sneaking suspicion that you are talking about something entirely different which original hülle iphone 5s is USB reverse tethering. Why and how does this work.

Mit dem iPhone per, w-Lan ins Internet (Probleme Hallo Leute Ich habe mir ein iPhone 3G gekauft.It is common and straightforward to make PC to use iPhone s gprs, 3G or 4G, internet connection through the USB cable.Now during the spring festival in the country, I am facing the problem that I am wanting to make my iPhone use the PCs.

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There is no router by hand and what I have is only the iPhone and USB cable. No clue what went wrong, iphone per kabel ins internet it is common and straightforward to make PC to use iPhones gprs. S only made possible through additional equipment because of the adapters. Itapos, select the needed services, reenable the adapter for Internet iphone per kabel ins internet in Windows.

So, if you are using newer OSes, an Ad-hoc wifi hotspot from your PC may be easier to set up to share the Internet connection of your PC to your iPhone.Following is just my guess since both Windows and iOS are closed systems.