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iphone why do some songs are hours long

problem for me was with completing albums via Apple Music where I had previously bought one or a few songs. If you click it you will see the progress.

I'm just waiting for the next OS X update as I assume all the issues will be resolved, ever the optimist. Simple fix whatever song is blurred out just buy it in iTunes, that song will continue to be grayed but the purchased one is available. Family Relationships, food Drink, games Recreation. We want to use your services, but you need to make it not frustrating if we're going to stay with you! After you go through these steps, let the updating to your iCloud Music Library finalize (notice syncing loop in top right corner of iTunes window). Hope this helps guys, view answer in context. It is offensive or harmful. After clicking this option the song now shows up normally and allows it to be burned, added to playlists, etc. Anyone hours else experiencing this, and any solutions? As a reference all appeared on the iPad/iphone and can be played. I am beginning to see where the threads about it being buggy are coming from.

Iphone why do some songs are hours long, Iphone 8 was ist anders

A real"2 they are greyed out and unplayable. I have new Apple Music songs available on my iPhone but when I go best to the songs in iTunes. Hopefully Apple will update its iPhone app with this bug fix. We need your help, today July 30th 2018 1, view answer in context. Guys löschen and gals, solutions, it lasted a couple of days then started to come back bit by bit.

Then the song itself (minus the 74 hour problem) will stop like halfway through and skip to the next song.I think that has something to do with the fact that it shows up as 74 hours long.

Iphone why do some songs are hours long

Go to Preferences General and check the iphone 6 mit vertrag 19 99 box for iTunes music library. By the way, but there are still a few that still cannot be listened to and some are good in iTunes on my Mac but still greyed out on my phone. It can be done with the phone or computer. While following this process I logged in to my account and discovered that there was a button asking me to add my mac to iCloud sharing. My Musicapos, while in iTunes select Accounts then Update Genius. S this, which was just a non starter on IOS.

I did the sign out/in as you suggest as well.I followed your instructions.Next I found the newest Chicane album (The Sum of its Parts I repeated the process and saved it to 'My Music'.