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iphone 5 back screen protector

edges of the phone, just like a pickpockets fingers. In addition to the actual glass screen protector, Bodyguardz provides a wet wipe to sanitize and clean the applicants hands.

This made it feel just like the iPhone does without a protector, which is very important. The actual protector itself is covered in two pieces of plastic one to cover the adhesive side, and another to cover the front. Since its glass, it doesnt cheapen the feel of the iPhone at all either. They also provide simple instructions detailing the recommended way to apply. I certainly wont even think about going back to the plastic film protectors. The rainbow-resistant transparent screen protector guards against scratches and smudges, and comes with a microfiber cloth that helps keep it clean. Its probably best to go and actually try out cases with the protector installed to see what will work. Obviously in my experience, the glass version was far superior. You may also like, current slide current_slide iphone 5 back screen protector of total_slides- You may also like). Comes with a microfiber cloth and a screen applicator to assist installation. Unfortunately this means that most of the more durable and protective cases wont work with. Current slide current_slide of total_slides- Best Selling in Cases, Covers Skins. I was unable to find any scratches or marks from doing this. A custom-designed iphone 5 back screen protector bumper case made of rubber and plastic wraps protectively around the sides of the iPhone like a surprise hug from Robocop.

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Id recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their phone out of a case. Theyll know that I am not fond of screen protectors or cases on my computers iphone 5 back screen protector or mobile devices. It has definitely protected my screen against dings.

1 x, screen protector.Perfect protection for my iPhone.

They include nicht a small wiping cloth to clean the phone and rid it of any lint or dust. I wouldnt expect having the same luck with the flimsy plastic ones. Photive iPhone 5 Bumper screen protector bundle for only. For some reason, blue, for Samsung Galaxy bit S4, i can feel the edges of the screen protector.

Apple iPhone 5 Bumper Case by Photive.Admittedly, it doesnt completely remove all glare, but it does a nice job without compromising the look and feel of a glass screen.The protection the screen offers is very good as well.